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Professional Trustee and Trust framework application

  • BMC provides you with a free meeting involving initial confidential consultation with our in-house experts, where we ascertain how we can assist you with a new structure of review of an existing structure. 
  • Liaison with professional advisers in other jurisdictions establishing the most practical and tax-efficient arrangement for our clients.
  • The provision of corporate trustee services, a company wholly owned by BMC.

  • Trustee services include daily administration of the trust assets. This may involve liaising with banks, brokers, other financial intermediaries and specialist consultants.
  • Accounting services. We provide regular financial statements if required under the relevant trust law or if requested by the settlor or/and beneficiary.
  • Procedure and coordination of tax advice when required for the trust, trustees, the settlor and the beneficiaries, including where relevant, the preparation, submission and agreement of tax returns and assessments.

  • Formation and administration of companies which may be used either on their own or in conjunction with trusts.

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